Services We Offer

With nearly ten years of experience in the Jewish-environmental field, Canfei Nesharim offers a range of services to support Jewish communities and individuals in environmental learning, programs and action.  Contact us for further discussion and price quotes on the following opportunities:


Community Engagement

Skills we provide: Coaching for your green team.  Social media coaching.  Custom program or speech design.  Webinars and eco-reminders.


Editing and Writing

Skills we provide: We can develop custom-made Jewish materials on the environment for your Jewish community setting.  Previous examples of our work include custom written divrei Torah, articles, plays, books, and lesson plans.


Bar/Bat Mitzvah students

Skills we provide: Torah learning with Bar/Bat Mitzvah students; and help them develop their talk and a project that will make a difference.


Connecting to the Jewish environmental movement

Skills we provide: We can help you sell your business or engage a local community in a campaign through consulting and advertisements on Jewcology.


Leadership trainings

Skills we provide: We organize leadership trainings for local Jewish organizations that want to support their teams of Jewish environmentalists in expressing their purpose and passion.


Social media training

Skills we provide: What’s the difference between Facebook and Twitter?  How can you use them to build your network and your team?  We help local and national Jewish environmental groups learn how to share their message effectively on Facebook, Twitter and Jewcology.

Reprint Permissions

Looking to reprint an article from Canfei Nesharim’s website?  You may reprint any material on this website so long as:

1)      Full credit is given to Canfei Nesharim.

2)      The header and footer information remains intact.

3)      You provide a link to Canfei Nesharim’s website at

4)      Let us know where the materials are used by dropping us an email at


If you have any more questions, send us an email and we’ll be glad to talk to you.  Thanks for your interest!