Get Involved

Canfei Nesharim has always benefited from the generous contributions of time and financial resources from all of Get Involved our partners. We would love to have you involved with our work.
Volunteer for Canfei Nesharim. We have many ways for adults and students to get involved, working with us in Maryland or from home. We are especially seeking volunteers with the following skills:

  • Writing and communications
  • Editing
  • Scientific research
  • Jewish Text research (requires knowledge of Hebrew and Jewish texts)
  • Art, Photography and Graphic Design
  • Social Media Skills (use of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and other modern tools)
  • Program design
  • Development of curriculum and lesson plans

Intern and Fellowship positions available. Please email your interest and qualifications. Canfei Nesharim can offer credit for internships if your college accepts this.
Are you a change agent, educating and empowering your Jewish community to protect the environment? We’d like to help you! Contact us for special programming and offers.
Help with a Financial Contribution. All donations are tax deductible and very much appreciated!
Online fundraising for CANFEI NESHARIM at Razoo.