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Canfei Nesharim will continue to expand our user-friendly, one-stop location for Jews seeking to learn about protecting the environment, purchase eco-friendly products, and educate their communities about the current state of the environment, particularly as it relates to human health.

Jewish Holidays
Canfei Nesharim offers Torah teachings, activities and resources related to nearly every Jewish holiday. Whether to enrich your personal learning or to inspire your school and community, these resources can help you celebrate with an eye to environmental consciousness and Torah wisdom.

Uplifting People and Planet


Exciting news!  Just in time for Tu b’Shevat, Canfei Nesharim and Jewcology are proud to announce the launch of a new ebook exploring traditional Jewish teachings on the environment, Uplifting People and Planet: Eighteen Essential Jewish Lessons on the Environment, edited by Rabbi Yonatan Neril and Evonne Marzouk.

This ebook is the most comprehensive study available in English of how Jewish traditional sources teach us to protect our natural resources and preserve the environment. From food to trees, energy to water, wealth to biodiversity, the book studies eighteen topics where Jewish tradition has a relevant lesson for today’s environmental challenges.

Year of Jewish Action

thumb_year of action logoFrom Tu b’Shevat 5773 to 5773, Canfei Nesharim organized  our Year of Jewish Action on the Environment, in partnership with Jewcology!  

We focused on saving energy and reducing food waste, with practical actions suggested by the Jewish mitzvah of bal tashchit.  

Weekly Torah Lessons

Canfei Nesharim is proud to present Torah teachings and source sheets for every parsha of the year.

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