Weekly Parsha

mountains with blue lake and white cloudsCanfei Nesharim is pleased to share weekly Torah teachings on the environment!

Source sheets and printable versions are available for most teachings.

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Bereishit: The Stewardship Paradigm in Bereishit/Genesis
Noach: A Paradigm for Environmental Consciousness
Lech Lecha: Joining Together for Justice in the Land
Vayera: Sin of Sodom and Its Impact on Creation
Chayei Sarah: Praying in the Fields
Toldot: Protecting Our Natural Resources
The Conflict of Yaakov and Esav
Vayeitzei: Yaakov and Going Out: The First Spiritual Social Activist
Vayishlach: Small Vessels: The Little Things Matter
Vayeishev: Shepherd Consciousness and the Post Industrial Jew
Mikeitz: The Song of the Land
Vayigash: Yosef’s Foresight and Restraint
Vayechi: Eating Holy Food in a Holy Way

Shemot: The Power of Names
Vaera: The Earth is the Lord’s
Bo: Time, Place, and the Environment: Taking Notice in Our Time
Beshalach: Water Conservation: When the Wood Meets the Water
Yitro: Love of God and Material Desire
Mishpatim: Ownership and Social Responsibility: Humans as Co-creators and Co-owners
Terumah: Is God Present in Our Consumption?
Tetzaveh: Ethical Mining: All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter
Ki Tisa: Material Wealth: The Coin of Fire
Vayakhel: An Ecological Message in Shabbat
Pekudei: G-d is in the Details

Vayikra: The Global Climate and The Pending Guilt Offering
Tzav: When Eating Meat was a Sacrifice
Shemini: An Abundance of Fish
Shemini: Holy Consumption: Jewish Thoughts on Meat-Eating
Tazria: Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Planet
Metzora: Natural Healing
Acharei Mot: Raising Up The Physical
Kedoshim: Stumbling Blocks
Emor: Our Relationship to Other Creatures
Behar: The Mitzvah of Shmita
Bechukotai: The Blessing of Rain

Bamidbar: Spiritual Lesson of the Desert
Naso: Learning From Our Mistakes
Shlach: The Land is Very, VERY Good
Behaaloscha: Balancing Natural Forces
Korah: Becoming Holy
Chukat: Water Consciousness
Balak: The Nature of Bilaam’s Prophecy
Pinchas: Sustenance From the Source
Mattot: Living in Balance
Masei: Lessons for Regional Planning

Devarim: Belonging to the Land
Vaetchanan: Guard Yourselves Very Well
Eikev: Shivat Haminim, The Seven Fruits of Israel
Re’eh: Blessing and Curse
Shoftim: Wasteful Destruction
Ki Teitze: The Compassion to Bring Moshiach
Ki Tavo: First Fruits
Nitzavim: Sulfur and Fire Out of Heaven
Vayeilech: A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey
Haazinu: The Heavens and Earth Bear Witness
Vezot HaBracha: Perfecting the World