Teaching Teens Sustainable Living Through Jewish Wisdom

A New, Cutting Edge Curriculum Inspired by Science and Torah (1)

Inspiring the Next Generation To Care for Our Planet With Torah


Now more than ever, we need to work harder to educate the next generation to care for our planet.

For over a decade, Canfei Nesharim has been on the forefront of environmental education targeting the Orthodox community. This year, we are proud to announce that we are developing a new, cutting-edge curriculum that will inspire orthodox high-school students and their families to envision and work towards a better world where the Jewish community, informed by Torah values, is educated and empowered to take action to preserve and protect our environment.

This is no small feat. Despite there being a long history of Jewish teachings about the environment, the majority of Orthodox Jews have not learned them nor connect them with modern environmental issues or action. Since 2004, Canfei Nesharim has been addressing this gap by developing programs and material for synagogues, schools and individuals interested in teaching and sharing environmental perspective based on Jewish values. Canfei Nesharim is now in a unique position to take the next step in building a Torah-based environmental movement by piloting a new educational curriculum, for high school students.

Please help us develop this science and Torah curriculum. The Torah is full of teachings and miztvos about caring for our planet that are deeply intertwined with Torah Values. Yet, our communities, and more importantly our schools, do not currently have the tools to educate their students in these teachings.

That is why we are asking for your help. Together, we will build an inspiring, Torah-based sustainability curriculum, teach teachers how to use it, and change the “landscape” of orthodox high schools.

You can contribute now by mailing a check to 3409 Midfield Road Baltimore, MD 21208 or via the internet on our website, at http://www.canfeinesharim.org/donate or at https://www.jewcer.org/project/canfeinesharim/.

Please, help us succeed in our important work. The generous support of our friends has always been critical to our continued efforts. Please make your donation by June 30st ! Thank you.


Values of the Project:

  • To inspire a profound devotion to Judaism, the Jewish people and the Jewish State. We believe through this curriculum students will be re-inspired in their connection to Judaism and the land of Israel. Often religion seems distant and unrelatable. But when one learns about the eco-teachings of Judaism and sees that Judaism can relate to the physical world in which they live and breath it gives a student a very personal, hands on experience of Judaism. As well, many of the environmental teaching of Judaism and the curriculum relate to the land of Israel. Learning about them will cause a student to feel a strong connection to the land.
  • To instil a commitment to fulfill the imperative of tikkun olam (repairing the world). By being exposed to our environmental curriculum, which in effect is all about tikkun olam, students will be inspired to take actions towards tikkun olam.
  • To encourage a commitment to providing all people with access to education. While this curriculum is more directly geared towards orthodox jewish high school the material is available for any school or person who is interested in it. It is a resource that we truly desire to accessible and used by all Jews and people interested in the Torah/environment connection. Additionally, aspects of the curriculum will be posted on our website where it will be accessible to anyone?


A big thank you to Gendler Grapevine Foundation and the Schusterman Foundation for their support in this project!

This Project is being spearheaded by a member of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation network and has been awarded a matching grant. Schusterman is a global organization that seeks to ignite the passion and unleash the power in young people to create positive change for themselves, the Jewish community and the broader world. Learn more about the Foundation here.