These items are intended to be shared with your community, friends and family to help them take the environmental message home with them. Great for community programs, conference packets, and mishloach manot gifts! Additional shipping costs may apply outside the United States. 

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 Compendium Cover
What does the Torah say about protecting the environment?Learn with Canfei Nesharim’s
Compendium of Sources in Halacha and the Environment

Includes Articles on:
  • Bal Taschit: Do not waste
  • Tzaar Ba’alei Chaim: Treatment of Animals
  • Nature in Tefilla
  • On Conserving Water and Netilas Yadayim
  • The Unity of Creation
  • Ecology and Spirituality
Also includes:
  • Source Sheets for Learning Sessions
  • Bibliography of Jewish Law & the Environment

Cost: $20.00 + $5.00 S&HPay Pal Button - small

washmagnet CN-wallet-card-backCN-wallet-card-front
Washing Machine Magnet
(also great for dishwashers)Order a Set of 30 for $9.94
(includes shipping and handling)Pay Pal Button - small
Wallet Cards2-sided full color “wallet cards” which are the size of a credit cardOrder a set of 30 for $9.94
(includes shipping and handling)Pay Pal Button - small
largedecal.1 tirepen2.2
Static Cling Decals With
Water-saving Messages
Works like a sticker but peels away to leave no mark. Perfect for bathroom tiles, mirrors, washing cups etc. Size: 3″x3″Order packs of 30 decals for $8.94
(includes shipping and handling)Pay Pal Button - small
The Canfei Nesharim Recycled PenIs that paper recycled? This pen is! (on pen)

Made from 30% recycled denim!$15.00 for 30 pens, including shipping!Pay Pal Button - small