Canfei Nesharim is dedicated to empowering leaders to educate their own schools and communities OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAabout the importance of protecting the environment from the perspective of Torah and halacha.
We offer holiday programs, parsha materials, and sample lesson plans to help you engage your school in our work, to sustain Hashem’s resources for the benefit of our children.

Tools for Your School:
Lesson Plans
Omer Curriculum
Schools in Action

Canfei Nesharim organized a series of focus groups around the United States in 2008, to understand what Orthodox day schools need to bring Torah-environment education into their schools.

Report: An Environmental Education Strategy for Orthodox Schools
Follow Up: Notes from Open Meeting for Jewish Educators on Torah/Environment Education, September 2, 2009

Share Your Success: Have you run a successful Torah and environment program in your school?  We would love to share your success with other schools as inspiration and a guide.

Share Your Success.

Plan a Program: Partner with Canfei Nesharim to plan a program that will engage your students in the importance of protecting the environment from the wisdom of the Torah.

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