Shavuot and the Omer

During the 49 days between Pesach and Shavuot we count the Omer. With its connection to the land, this is also a great time to increase our connection with and commitment to the planet.  New to counting the Omer?  Here’s how it works.  


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Enhance your counting with a consciousness of the agricultural and spiritual journey of the time between Pesach and Shavuot.  Download and Print(1-page PDF)

Torah Study

Lesson Plans and Activities

Goats, Grapes and Greenbelts: Sustainability and Settling the Land
The period of the Omer and the festival of Shavuot are opportune times to explore our connection and relationship to the land. The grain offerings of the Omer (barley) and Two Loaves (wheat) had to come from the choicest grain of the land of Israel, thus offering to G-d the best of Jewish agriculture in Israel.
Where Does Bread Come From? Sefirat HaOmer and the Connection to the Land
The aim of the following program is to help children better understand the connection to the land during Sefirat HaOmer and our responsibility to take care of our Earth, especially the Land of Israel.  Geared towards grades 3-7.
Learn Torah each week of the Omer with the Eitz Chayim Hee Parsha Series. 
There are seven Torah portions during the seven weeks of the Omer 
(Kedoshim, Emor, Behar, Bechukotai, Bamidbar, and Nasso), many of which contain important lessons to help us understand our Jewish responsibility to protect the environment.
Our Relationship to the Land: Meaning of the Omer
A series of three lessons on the Omer and our connection to the land. Includes Teacher’s Guide and student booklet!  Geared towards upper-elementary and middle school students.
Counting the Omer, Refining Ourselves
“Counting the Omer” offers an opportunity for strengthening and refining our character. As we will explore, this process also contains within it meaningful ways to address, from a spiritual place, some of the pressing issues of our time.
Counting the Omer, Refining Ourselves/The State of Our Land
Printable Fact Sheet for the Omer with teachings on the Omer and facts about the Land of Israel.
Counting the Omer: A Tool for Nature Consciousness
In addition to our historical understanding of Pesach as our Exodus from Egypt, the holiday also signified the start of the grain harvest. Thus, scripture portrays the Omer season as a time for awaiting the wheat harvest. 
The Jew and the Omer: An Ecological Synthesis
Once we grow as spiritual beings, we can again refer back to our dimensions of space and time, in order that our souls contribute to the healing of the world. 
Omer and Shavuot Text Learning and Discussion Guide
Explore texts related to Goats, Grapes, and Greenbelts and teach them to your community. Great for Tikkun Leyl Shavuot!