Save Energy, Save Money, Protect the Environment! Fact Sheet

Canfei Nesharim is proud to present our fact sheet on energy for Chanukah.  The “Save Energy” side of the fact sheet explores ideas for saving energy, and explain some of the challenges of our current energy situation.  The other side features a Torah teaching on “The Wisdom of Olive Oil.”

We offer two versions of the fact sheet: a beautiful color version which can be posted in your synagogue’s website or shared via email, and a simpler print-friendly version which can be printed and distributed in your community.  Download these and share with your community to encourage them to save energy this Chanukah!

Click the links below to open and download the files.  
(Please note: We encourage you to share this resource with your community via email or by printing and handing them out directly.)


 Full Color: Side 1 Save Energy. Save Money. Protect the Environment! Full Color: Side 2 The Wisdom of Olive Oil: A Torah Teaching Print-Friendly Version: Side 1 Save Energy. Save Money. Protect the Environment!  Print-Friendly Version: Side 2 The Wisdom of Olive Oil
A Torah Teaching