As exciting as it is to look forward to Pesach with family and friends, preparations for 5 Shilo by (1)the holiday can be stressful on ourselves, our families and the environment. You can reduce that stress with Canfei Nesharim’s eco-friendly and healthy program ideas and cleaning suggestions for your family and community.

Torah Study

Cleaning Tips and Activities

Elevating the Holy Sparks in Wealth: The Exodus, Pesach, and Our Lives
The Exodus from Egypt contains some profound insights into Divine-aware living. This dvar Torah presents a Jewish perspective on material consumption rooted in lessons from the Exodus.
Tips for a Green and Healthy Pesach
Too often, Pesach is a holiday of environmental degradation, beginning with toxic cleaning supplies and ending with bags full of plastic and aluminum trash. Here are some basic tips to reduce the personal stress and environmental impact often associated with Passover, while celebrating a happy and kosher holiday.
The Four Children and the Environment
On Passover we read about the four children- the wise, the wicked, the simple, and the one who does not know how to ask. Each has a different attitude toward the Passover holiday. What if these same four children discussed the environment?
Children’s Activity: Make Your Own Green Cleaners 
Pesach is right around the corner and there’s loads of cleaning to do! In this activity, children help their parents get ready for Passover by creating their own green cleaning supplies. Hopefully their little ones’ efforts at making these eco-friendly cleaners will encourage the adults to clean green this year! Geared towards ages 6-10.

Counting the Omer

Recipes for Green Cleaners
(Yes, you can make your own!)
Omer Counter 5772
Counting the Omer begins on the Second Night of Pesach! Enhance your counting with a consciousness of the agricultural and spiritual journey of the time between Pesach and Shavuot!
Make a Clean Sweep for Pesach
Everyone is busy cleaning for Pesach this time of year and the trash cans are overflowing! But, there may be many unwanted things you find in your home while clearing out that chametz that can be disposed of in other, more environmentally friendly ways.

What Other Communities are Doing:

“Kesher Green Kleaning” for Pesach (Engelwood, NJ)

“Clean Sweep for Pesach” (Silver Spring, MD)

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