Plan a Tu B’Shevat Kiddush

Organizing a Tu b’Shevat Kiddush can be a lovely way to engage your community in Torah-environmental awareness for the first time. Here are some steps to take to make this happen.

    1. Contact your shul administrator to arrange for the Tu b’Shevat Kiddush. Ask if funds are available for additional fruits and nuts, or if some of the traditional Kiddush fare could be offset by your Tu b’Shevat fruits and nuts. (Note that if this is not a possibility, someone may need to sponsor the purchase of fruits and nuts for this program.)
      Identify steps needed to organize this Kiddush based on your shul Kiddush structure.


    1. Request that the Tu b’Shevat Kiddush be mentioned prominently in the synagogue “Shabbat Announcement Page.” If you are looking to build a committee, you may want to include a note that those who are interested in learning more or helping to build a committee should contact you, with your contact information.


    1. Purchase fruits and nuts for the seder. You will want to ensure that you have enough fruit of the three different categories (fruit with inedible shells/peels such as nuts, oranges, bananas; fruit with inedible cores such as peaches, plums and dates; and fruits that are entirely edible such as grapes and berries).   Also try using fruits and nuts from the 7 species


    1. Prepare the fruits and nuts. This can be done on Thursday night or on Saturday morning. Note that chopping fruit can sometimes take more time than preparation of usual Kiddush foods. You may need a committee to help you.


  1. Along with the fruits and nuts, you may like to make Canfei Nesharim Tu b’Shevat Wallet Cards or other eco-reminders available on the tables. Click here to order for your community.

 Planning a Tu b’Shevat Kiddush?   Download this handy guide, “Green Kiddush in a Box,” (PDF) courtesy of the Riverdale Y.  Note that this resource was created in 2008 and some dates may be inaccurate.