Eco-Tips: How YOU can Save Water

Water is precious!  And there are many things we can do to protect this valuable resource.  On this page you’ll find suggestions to help you conserve and protect water.


1) Save Water in Your Home and Community

You can start at home protecting surface and ground waters from so-called “non-point source” pollution!  Click here for more details.


2) Save Water and Money in the Bathroom

Grist Magazine puts together informative (and rather tongue-in-cheek) explanations of all things environmental. In this great posting, they cover everything from turning off the faucet and faucet aerators (for lower flow faucets with no reduction in water pressure) to retrofitting your toilet, with a fantastic list of links for more resources at the bottom of the page. Forgive their humor and enjoy their extremely useful information. It will help you save precious water!


3) Other featured articles about water from Canfei Nesharim’s library


4) Read the new Statement on Water Quality

Canfei Nesharim’s Science and Technology Board created an explanation of the problems surrounding water contamination and pollution.  Read it here.

5) Learn more!  Visit these terrific websites recommended by our scientists:

Water Conservation:  


Protecting Our Water: 


Water Quality and Human Health: 

Learn about the toxic chemicals we put into our water that put human health at risk: