What People Are Saying about Canfei Nesharim

Anonymous comments submitted in response to recent surveys. Responses edited for space and to correct grammatical errors.


 “I love the Torah based outlook and insights of Canfei Nesharim… a really unique approach… connecting environmental issues and Talmud Torah.
Fantastic way to clearly and wisely state relationship Torah has with the environment to the other day school teachers, parents and administrators.  Thank you for making me sound knowledgeable!!!”
“I really find the Torah commentaries inspiring, as they help me to become more informed about environmental issues.”
“Canfei Nesharim is transforming the way many in the Orthodox community view our responsibility for sustaining the environment. It has enabled Jews who are concerned about the environment to learn about a Torah perspective.”
“Canfei Nesharim is very accessible, available to answer questions and provide text sources when needed.”
“Receiving the weekly parsha helps to incorporate my spirituality with the rest of my thoughts and actions, and helps to make me a better person and a better part of our community.”
“The organization and the website provides necessary and important education and tools to understand and appreciate our environment, as well as the necessity of being aware of our role in maintaining it.”
“Teaching Torah through studying the environment and learning to respect the gifts bestowed on us from Ha’Shem are essential for the continued life on this planet. Canfei Nesharim’s resources enable many of us to learn and study in ways that enhance respect for the environment and love to all.”
“Canfei Nesharim has made the connection between Judaism and the environment so much more tangible. Only when a connection like that is tangible can it be understood and acted upon.”
“Canfei Nesharim has done a lot to help me connect my Judaism to my environmental literacy. The past two years have been periods of exceptional growth for me in both of these fields, and I appreciate how your group shows that the two are limbs of the same tree. I really appreciate your work, your thoughts, and your encouragement!”
“Canfei Nesharim provides genuine, credible, meaningful resources on the Torah basis for sustainable actions. Canfei Nesharim is an indispensable partner in creating a caring, sustainable Jewish society. Our organization has found CN’s materials incredibly helpful in our programming and educational initiatives.”
“The articles and teaching I have read online are thought provoking and very encouraging.”
“Wonderful connections between Jewish tradition and environmental issues – practical connections that I could use in the classroom.”
“Canfei Nesharim provides an invaluable resource to me as a Jewish educator and environmentalist. This is my go-to website for ideas for teaching, divrei Torah and personal inspiration. I am deeply grateful for all who have contributed to this work -it enriches everything that I do!”
“I have great appreciation for all that you are doing; it is very informative and helpful in my personal learning and attempts to educate myself.”