Tu b’Shevat

Tu b’Shevat 5777 falls on February 10-11, 2017. Whether you are planning a Tu b’Shevat 11 Date Palm byronsheinson@aol.comSeder, looking for children’s activities, or simply looking to learn what the Torah says about protecting the environment, our 12th Annual Tu b’Shevat Learning and Action Campaign has resources to help you. Explore our high quality materials below.  Canfei Nesharim’s articles are reviewed by rabbis and scientists to ensure accuracy and credibility.Show your support! Help us build a strong foundation for 2017.
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Trees, Torah, and Caring for the Earth

by Dr. Akiva Wolff and Rabbi Yonatan Neril

That the New Year of the Tree has come to be associated with sensitivity to and appreciation of the natural environment is not by chance.  Many Jewish sources connect trees with our proper stewardship of the earth. Understanding these teachings on Tu b’Shevat can help us improve our relationship to G-d’s creation, our world.  

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