Community Webinars

Canfei Nesharim provides webinars to our participating Communities.  Learn more about our Communities Program

Webinar 1: Red light? Green light! Getting your Green Message Through
Build your skills for marketing your Jewish-environmental programming and greening efforts
Webinar Presentation by JR Rich, February 15

(Please note that the visual does not begin until JR starts speaking with his presentation around time 8:35.)

Webinar 2: How to Engage Community Leaders
Webinar Presentation (PDF) by Shara Perlman, March 29, 2011

Listen to the Presentation:

Here’s the best way for you to use these tools:

  1. Click “View the presentation” to open a PDF Presentation for you to view.
  2. Then click “Listen to the Presentation” and download your choice of audio format.  You may need to click “play” or “run” to get the audio to begin.

A few notes about this audio presentation:

  • It begins on slide three, so you should glance at the first two slides (including presenter name and agenda) before going to the third slide and beginning the audio.
  • There is a weird electronic noise which happens at the very beginning of the recording.  After that, the recording is fairly good quality (although we KNOW we can do better with this in the future!).
  • The presenter clearly states “next slide” so that you will know when to advance slides in the presentation.