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Apologies for Unrelated Content


We hope your Thanksgiving- in whatever way you and you family celebrated – was joyous and meaningful.

The first Thanksgiving was a celebration of gratitude by the pilgrims for the fact that they succeeded in learning how to grow food in the new land and because of that had enough food to survive the winter. It was a celebration around the bounty of the earth and a deep appreciation of what the earth gave them. Over 300 years later, we still have just as much (and maybe more) to appreciate in connection with the earth and land that Hashem gave us stewardship over and on which we live.

Today is GivingTuesday. If this day is new to you, GivingTuesday is a movement that began a few years ago by people who were tired of seeing the huge consumeristic angle that Thanksgiving weekend had become. So they started GivingTuesday. After a long weekend of consumerism and buying things (complete with Black Friday and Cyber Monday), Giving Tuesday gives us the opportunity to step into a different space and give back to the world by donating to projects and organizations that we feel are doing important work.

With Thanksgiving and gratitude for the bounty that Hashem and the earth gives us fresh in our mind, we hope that you continue to value our work of bringing environmental consciousness to the Orthodox Jewish Community. In that spirit, we ask that if you are considering making a donation today that you donate to us to help us continue our important work.

You can contribute now by mailing a check to 3221 Shelburne Road, Apt. A, Baltimore, MD 21208, or via the internet on our website by clicking HERE.

Thank you for your continued support.


Ora Sheinson
Board President

Canfei Nesharim Curriculum Development Grant Proposal

Make a Nes Gadol Haya Po by helping us raise the first $10K to bring the light of Sustainable Living Inspired by Torah into the lives of our children.

HELP us educate our teachers to EMPOWER our students with an understanding of an authentic Torah approach to modern environmental science. PARTNER with us and FUND our pilot program to develop curriculum modules and teacher training for Yeshiva Day school educators.

For more details on the program click CN Curriculum Development Grant.

Year of Healing the Habitat 2017!

We are excited to begin our Year of Healing the Habitat. We are looking forward to implementing the strategies identified in a first of its kind survey conducted by Greenfaith, the Jewish Wisconsin Initiative for a Sustainable Environment, and Dr. Daniel Weber, Chair of our Science Advisory Board. This survey identified strategies to transfer knowledge of general interest in the environmental impact of our actions include concrete, positive, environmentally sustainable actions. Specifically, the survey assessed current environmental attitudes within our target communities, the barriers that reduce active engagement in environmentally-friendly practices and activities that can motivate individuals and communities to action. The Jewish Wisconsin Initiative for a Sustainable Environment is a project of the Coalition for Jewish Learning, the educational program of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation.

Canfei Nesharim is launching a new effort to prepare integrated curriculum and teacher training and support to bring Jewish environmental values into the curriculum in Jewish educational environments such as Yeshiva Day Schools. Please support us so we can get a head start on this imitative. Keep an eye out for more information as this new project develops!

Of course, we will continue to expand our user-friendly, one-stop location for Jews seeking to learn about protecting the environment, purchase eco-friendly products, and educate their communities about the environmental crisis, particularly as it related to human health. Our efforts have become a grassroots movement that thrives as we help nurture programs in individual communities. The availability of our materials has led to inclusion in weekly drashot from synagogue Rabbis, citations in online articles and material used in environmental programming across the country. We continue to provide timely newsletters and updates to our active media streams and to serve as a resource for the Jewish community and other communities that are seeking models for the moral imperative to protect the environment. We look forward to continuing to serve as a crucial resource as the Jewish community moves on its journey to embrace environmental consciousness.